Just any other college student trying to figure out life. This is my personal blog, so I have mostly personal posts but I will also reblog things that I feel something about. I hope to put some of my writing on here, and of course my opinions on everything ever. haha. <3

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So, the boyfriend visited this weekend…

and it was nice. I guess. It wasn’t spectacular. But it wasn’t bad. 

I could definitely feel the “stuck in a rut” feeling. I was just sort of going through the motions. 

And the sex was meh. 

3 more weeks and I can see if this meh weekend turns into a meh month after graduation. 

I shall keep you posted. 

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I shouldn’t feel this way but I do…

Jake is moving in with one of his exes. They are “working things out and moving in together to get out of the places they are living in.”

I shouldn’t have emotions about this. I have a boyfriend. I live with my boyfriend. Who am I to deny Jake’s happiness? I can’t and won’t tell him how I feel about this (even though I tell him everything… and if he asks… I may not be able to help it…). He deserves happiness and i won’t complicate things that are already complicated. 

I’m still going through with the whole “giving my bf a month to prove himself thing” because it wasn’t for Jake, it was for me. But I won’t lie and say that his moving in with someone doesn’t affect me. It totally does. 

I need to be an adult about this. So, I am going to try to reel in my emotions and keep my troubles to myself. As I cry alone in my room.

But yeah. There’s that little tid bit of information. 

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I made a new writing blog

So I might be on there more often then this one, but I promise I will visit. 

I just need to focus more on writing. 

New Blog Here

Please feel free to talk to me on either.

Or ask for my kik or skype. :)

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